Better Days Industrial Co., Ltd. has established since 1988 and mainly manufactures plastic mould & its semi-products / finished products included fabrication (assembly) & packing. Our factory located inside Longgang District at special zone of Shenzhen in China. The traveling is only in 45 minutes from train station to our factory. The traffic is very easy.





Under different economical competitive marketplace, we deeply understand all customers concern the competitive ability of their products in the market & the quality. Because of that, all our departments except Marketing & Accounting have moved to China and have been in well operated in order to reduce the operational cost as well as increase our customers¡¦competition in the marketplace. In addition, we are not only closely following the market trend to quality requirement but also very concerned to handle customers¡¦ advice & complaint. Therefore, even in this competitive marketplace, we can assure you the excellent sell through and create incremental sales and profits in the process. Thus, we are pleased to get the long-term support from our cooperative customers.
¡§Well preparation will make the job done¡¨ hence production tools & facilities are very important. We have been purchasing different type of injection machine such as double injection machine, CNC, etc. Silkscreen department & Spraying department are being established and that will be managed under enclosed non-dusty system. In addition, we bring to the market sophisticated engineering and manufacturing capabilities,as well as over 20 years of mold industry experience from our directors plus high qualification technician in order to fulfil customers¡¦ requirements. Moreover, Our sophisticated engineering and manufacturing capabilities allow us to increase the production capacity per customers¡¦ request.